How We Work

How We Work

Step 1

Getting Started

We begin with a no cost, no obligation visit at our office. This is our time to listen to you, learn your story, and look at your financial picture. Preparing for this visit is easy. There are no forms to fill out - no big homework assignment. Simply bring your most recent investment statements, tax return, and be prepared to answer basic questions about your insurance, debts, etc.

Step 2

Analysis & Recommendations

If we mutually agree to move forward, we'll schedule a follow-up visit. We will then go to work applying our best thinking to your needs and write a plan unique to you with specific recommendations. We charge a modest planning fee and will tell you in advance what it will be. No surprises. On your follow up visit, we'll thoroughly explain our recommendations and answer your questions.

Step 3

Managing Your Investments

At this point, most people engage us to manage their investment portfolios. Our current minimum investable amount is $500,000.

“Our simple process helps you understand your life in relation to money and begin to achieve order and control” - Brent Forrest