How We Invest

Our Investment Approach

To ensure your financial present and future are well aligned, we work with a network of money managers, connecting you with those known for excellence in their respective disciplines. We focus on fit, choosing those whose people, processes, and research are those we would (and do) trust with our own finances.

In our more than thirty years managing client assets, we have seen the value and return of active portfolio management. In opposition to passive or "index" investing, practicing active portfolio management means the money managers we engage conduct intensive first-person research and fundamental securities analysis. This makes investing an integrated process rather than a series of isolated and unrelated transactions. We do not practice market timing or make "tactical" bets.

We act with complete discretion over the construction, monitoring, allocation, and rebalancing of your portfolio using institutional mutual funds not generally available to investors. Due to economies of scale, these shares enjoy great cost savings.


Strategically and globally diversified with non-correlating assets
Balanced between growth and value styles
Actively rebalanced as markets change
Managed for the maximum after-tax potential return

You're Part of the Process

See how our clients not only receive individualized attention from their Brent Forrest team but a complete visual understanding of their finances through our intuitive financial planning software.

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