How We Get Paid

How We Get Paid

"No surprises" billing

We believe in full disclosure of fees with no surprises. Our method of compensation aligns our interests with yours. We charge one simple fee - an annual percentage of assets under management - charged monthly in advance, based on your account value at previous month end. It is simple to compute, easy to understand.

Example: If the annual fee is .84% and the account value is $500,000 at month end, the charge will be 1/12th of the annual .84%---that is $350, which covers, in advance, management and advisory services for the following month.

Full access to your money at all times

  • No entry or exit fees

  • No commissions

  • No small account fees

  • No confirmation fees

  • No transaction charges*

  • No account transfer fees

  • No IRA fees

  • No fees to wire money

What you see is what you get

Since you want to know what you are actually earning on your money, we calculate and quote all your returns after the fees are deducted.

Our fees are extremely low and competitive. The most that any client pays is .90% per annum. Most pay considerably less since we discount for volume and aggregate family accounts to ensure the lowest fee. Assets deposited mid-month are not assessed a fee until the next monthly cycle. Hence, no retroactive pro rata charges.

*If there are any transaction fees, the cost is borne by our office.

“We are the advisor of choice for investors when they are finally ready to get it right.” - Cilla McKinley