About Us

Our Story

The investment business has a history of ignoring the needs of those most important, their clients. Brent Forrest founded our practice in direct response to that trend, choosing to serve clients in a way he would himself expect—with respect, transparency, and care. A legacy of service we carry forward.

In our more than three decades of practice, we have strived to provide our clients with the highest level of service at fees well below the industry average. We have seen clients through many market cycles and have developed close relationships that span generations, which we consider the greatest mark of success. Their word is our only promotion.

Most likely, someone you trust sent you here. We hope to earn that trust and know it begins with a strong foundational fit—see if we’re right for you.

What Sets Us Apart

OUR INDEPENDENCE: We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor held to the highest fiduciary standards, working solely for the benefit of our clients.

OUR INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY: We have firm convictions and disciplined practices regarding what best serves long-term investors. We practice fundamental value investing, not market timing.

OUR PAYMENT STRUCTURE: We provide highly attentive personal service, at fees much lower than industry averages—without any hidden sales agenda.

Who We Serve


Whether they wish to spend as their assets grow or to secure a financial legacy, we work to ensure our clients' finances and investments fully support their retirement plan and lifestyle.


Working professionals in their prime earning years seek our expertise to help them invest prudently, grow their wealth, and secure their financial independence—tax efficiently.


Many of our clients are women who are the financial leaders of their households. Our customized approach ensures their goals are met and empowers them to lead independent financial lives, no matter their marital status.

We look forward to starting a conversation about your financial future.